Chemical Engineering students make technical visit to the Conchán Refinery
Francisco Tarazona Vasquez
Deputy Director
Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering Department

Complementing theory with practical experience is fundamental, in highly practical and versatile careers such as chemical engineering. For this reason, the students of the Applied Organic Chemistry course made a technical visit to the facilities of the Conchán Refinery, guided by Eng. Artemio Flores Lima, professor in charge of the aforementioned course.

During the visit, Petroperu’s host engineers explained how and in which equipment crude oil, the main input of the process, is transformed into a variety of products useful for the national economy, such as asphalt, important material for the road infrastructure of the country, premium and regular gasoline, which dynamize a large part of domestic land transport, among other commercial products.

Students toured not only the production plant, but also the process control room, the tank farm and laboratories. In the words of Teodoro Patiño, a career student, the experience on this technical visit was enriching and fascinating and “has become a catalyst for my passion and a constant reminder of the immense opportunities that Chemical Engineering offers in a constantly changing world. I am excited for what the future holds and look forward to contributing, as a professional, to the challenges and developments that will shape industries in the years to come.”

Chemical engineering students during the visit

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