Bacteriophages and their Applications for the Environment

Welcome to The First International Congress of Bacteriophages and their Applications for the Environment (FICBAE). This conference aims to connect with various technology-related universities, agencies, industries, start-ups, and academia to cover topics related to national and international studies of bacteriophages, with a focus on efforts for environmental solutions.

We welcome researchers, students, and individuals to share their perspectives on existing technologies and challenges in this field. Through workshops, keynote seminars, specialized talks, discussion panels, and poster sessions (In-person & Flash Talks on line), the event aims to review the use of bacteriophages for environmental solutions and their impact in Peru and South America region. The Congress FICBAE 2023 is held from August 14th – 16th 2023.

The Congress is a hybrid event hosted at the Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología UTEC, situated at Jr. Medrano Silva 165, Barranco 15063 in Lima, Peru. It offers attendees the opportunity to participate either in person or via Zoom webinars. Workshops, however, are exclusively conducted in person at UTEC laboratories.





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