Bioweek 2023: Building a Strong Academic Community
Bioweek 2023: Building a Strong Academic Community

The Engenieering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBS) of UTEC organized from August 21 to 26 the Bioweek 2023, which aimed to promote the field of Bioengineering and all disciplines that agree in its field, opening up new horizons in the promotion of science and technology.

This event sought to create links between outstanding students, researchers and academics from different disciplines and universities to generate a strong and collaborative scientific community. Other EMBS participating belong to the UPC, UNI, UNAC, UNMSM, PUCP, the UPCH Biomanufacturing Club. It also had the support of 2 sponsors: Roker and Surgi Biomax.

Below, we tell you how the Bioweek 2023 was lived and what activities were carried out in each day.

Monday 21: The inauguration. With the welcoming words of Dr. Julio Valdivia, director of Bioengineering at our university, the event began. He was joined by PhD. Harry Saavedra and Hilmer Cueva, as a special guest. In the afternoon, 2 presentations were made by the National Institute of Child Health by Thalía Leyton and Francesca Rivas, 2 graduates of the Bioengineering career of UTEC.

Tuesday 22: Day of talks and workshops. 2 talks were made by Flyteek and IEEE RAS. In them, we talked about how to make a startup and how the prototype of a flexible exoskeleton works for the rehabilitation of the hand for people who suffered from stroke. The workshops dealt with biomaterials and how to make art in Agar with synthetic biology. Also, the conversation Women in Science was held, organized by the SWE UTEC and Concytec. Finally, the day concluded with a virtual talk given by Professor Alfredo Cárdenas.

Wednesday 23: The fair. This day was held BIO CREACIONES: Innovation in bioengineering. Here, students from PUCP, UPC, UPCH and UTEC presented their projects and plans of student organizations. Finally, presentations on AI in medicine and microfluidics were made by Cristina Cho, representative of Promedius and Julio Valdivia.


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