Provost Scholarship Winners for 2023-undergraduate research
Provost Scholarship Winners for 2023-undergraduate research

The entire university community is informed that the following students have won the 2023-I Provost Research Fellowship:

Thalía Marycielo Leyton Challenge: “Engineering a placental barrier-on-a-chip for the study of Placental Malaria.”

Adrian Enrique Paredes Bozzo and Camila Nahomi Sinche Arevalo: “Prediction and validation by CFD of the batch synthesis of silver nanoparticles: correlation of the quality of nanoparticles with hydrodynamic conditions at different scales”-Chemical Engineering.

César Felipe Argüelles Luyo and Pedro Alfredo Toledo Garcia: “Design, synthesis and comparison of scaffolds based on collagen and elastin for tissue regeneration using a production system based on synthetic biology”-Bioingeniería.

Xiomara Geraldyne Chunga Carrillo: Evaluation of response of MCF7-BJ tumor cell spheroids embedded in GelMA in a tumor-on-chip system using culture medium EMEM enriched with fetal bovine serum and insulin, with and without supplementation of cancer breast patient-derived nutrients”- Bioengineering.

Yomali Aora Ferreyra Chombo: “Obtaining a bone scaffold from mesenchymal stem cells enriched with IGF-1 (insulin growth factor type 1 to promote cell migration”-Bioengineering.

We congratulate the winners of the contest and all students who participated in this contest and encourage them to continue applying for opportunities in the future.

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